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From Yonder Wooded Hill

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From Yonder Wooded Hill, a photographic exploration of folklore, family, and place, investigates what we choose to remember versus what chooses to remember us. Based in the Patapsco River Valley of Maryland and expanding to his ancestral West Virginia and North Carolina, Riley Goodman brings to life the customs and legends on which he was raised. The result creates a visual narrative that juxtaposes Goodman’s own heritage and that of his ancestors to show the interwoven continuum of a long-passed yet ever-present culture embedded in hills near and far to his upbringing.

Released 2022
66 color plates, 35 archival photographs and text elements
128 pages
Hunter Green Suede Hardcover
8.75" x 12.5"
First Edition, Signed
ISBN 978-1-7348312-6-9

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