Riley Goodman, raised in the Patapsco River Valley of Maryland, inquires familial mythologies, folktales, and the greater history of America in effort to understand what endures, and subsequently how this endurance impacts his own presence in the canon. Goodman juxtaposes archival imagery and material from his personal collections of artifact and ephemera with the visual interpretation of researched, often folk-based, storytelling. When these elements combine, the resulting work forms a narrative that rather than noting a specific period, creates an ever-occurring amalgamation of time. By establishing this crafted world, Goodman forces the viewer to question the tenants of authenticity, leaving the idea of 'historical truth' in an undisclosed middle ground.



BFA, Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, 2018 


2020: From Yonder Wooded Hill, Aint Bad (Forthcoming)

Solo & Duo Exhibitions:

2019: American Gothic, Rump Gallery, Richmond, VA- In collaboration with Jessica Taylor

2017: Patapsco: Silent Witnesses To An Enduring Current, The Museum of Howard County History, Ellicott City, MD

Select Group Exhibitions:


Pressed Together, Shockoe Artspace, Richmond, VA

What We've Found: Spirituality In Suburbia, Aint Bad, Savannah, GA

Burning Through Life, Cherry Gallery, Richmond, VA


Occult Work, Vice, New York, NY

On Death, Humble Arts Foundation, New York, NY

What We've Found: Dog Days, Aint Bad, Savannah, GA

804-248-4861, 506 Gallery, Richmond, VA- Recipient of Special Jury Prize

Sic Semper Tyrannis, The Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA- Curated by Alex Klein, ICA Philadelphia


Year In Reverse, Humble Arts Foundation, New York, NY

Open Nite, The Pollak Building, Richmond, VA

That's Not Good Enough, Studio Two Three, Richmond, VA

VCUarts Juried Undergraduate Spring Show, The Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA- Curated by Julia Monroe, Reynolds Gallery, Richmond

The Future is Calling, The Present is Fleeting, The Past is Calling, The Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA


Light Leaked, November 2016 Issue: America, Charleston, SC

VCUarts Juried Undergraduate Spring Show, The Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA- Curated by Toby Kamps, Curator, Menil Collection, Houston


The Family Room Collective Fall Show: What Happened Here?, The Family Room Gallery, Richmond, VA

Awards & Grants:


3rd Place, Aint Bad's First Annual Book Prize Award


Special Jury Prize, '804-248-4861: The VCU Photography Class of 2018 Senior Show'


Humble Arts Foundation's Top Instagram Picks of 2016

Most Outstanding Sophomore, Awarded by the VCU Photo/Film Department



On Death, Kris Graves Projects, Brooklyn, NY

Aint Bad No. 14, Aint Bad, Savannah, GA

Burning Through Life, Pomegranate Press, Richmond, VA


2019: Aint Bad

2017: The Baltimore Sun


2019: B&O Railroad Museum, Ellicott City, MD

2018: Mobelux, Richmond, VA


Reuse The Box, The Branch Museum of Architecture & Design, Richmond, Graphic Design Work, Sept. 2016 - Feb. 2017

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