This series focuses on the subject of deterioration through the manual combination of Van Dyke and Cyanotype processes, along with the metaphorical deterioration of memory over time. In making these prints, each were first exposed as a Van Dyke, with a purposeful area left untouched by the sensitizer. After processing, the same prints were coated with a Cyanotype sensitizer in the circular, untouched, center area. The Cyanotype sensitizer was left purposely damp, which caused a chemical reaction when exposed under the UV light. The combination of the inkjet digital negative and the wet sensitizer burned and distorted the color palette of the image, resulting in the final print. The images featured in the series are a combination of Goodman's own photos and appropriated images found in a 1930s high school scrapbook purchased by Goodman in Cape May, New Jersey. The prints are a reference to the inability to hold a true sense of the past and the inevitability of a distortion through the retelling and romanticizing of memory. The series becomes a personal reflection on Goodman's growth and the realization that while the past may seem more idyllic than the present, the memories retold are simply a distortion of what life truly encompassed. Through the combination of nostalgic imagery and a very tactile process, these prints become a cathartic exercise and reflection of Goodman's own thought process.

Two 18" x 24" prints from this series were featured in the 2016 VCUarts Juried Undergraduate Spring Show, curated by Toby Kamps, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Menil Collection, Houston  

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