Unearthed, an ongoing series, focuses on the concept of American folklore and the stories that are passed down through generations. Goodman is fascinated by mysterious narratives and the human psychological condition to find rationalization behind the unexplainable. Goodman also finds interest in the depiction of symbols and the baggage they bring to the table based on their own specifically vast history. The current iteration of the series deals mainly with topics of the supernatural, focusing on its manifestation and relationship with society. Two examples of these concepts to consider concern the second and third images in this iteration. The second depicts a skeleton key hole installed upside down, illustrating the antebellum belief that ghosts couldn’t enter a home with a lock of this nature. Goodman discovered this hardware in his own historic apartment in Richmond, Virginia after learning of the belief via research. The third depicts a bloodstain that is present in a building formerly operated as a Confederate hospital. It is rumored to have soaked up through whatever flooring has been installed since. With this series, rather than proving or disproving a theory, Goodman brings to light the stories that have influenced folklore’s hold over the history of America.

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